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View recommendations

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Updated: 10-19-2016

For a quick overview of the currently active recommendations, check the Recommendations resource on the Virtualization Summary page.

  • To access the All Recommendations page, click All Recommendations on this resource.
  • To access the recommendations filtered by cluster, click the link in the Recommendations column.

View all recommendations

You can also see all recommendations by clicking My Dashboards > Recommendations.

The All Recommendations page displays both active and predicted recommendations, with the most critical active recommendations listed first. The severity of a recommendation implies how much the recommendation can help.

On the All Recommendations page, you can:

  • View all recommendations that currently apply to your virtual environment.

  • Filter recommendations based on the virtual entities to which they apply, on the severity, and on the recommendation type.

  • View the details of a recommendation and apply the recommended actions on your virtual entities. You can either apply the recommendation now or schedule it for later.

  • Cancel and revert running recommendations.
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15:33, 14 Mar 2017