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Home > Success Center > Virtualization Manager (VMAN) > VMAN 8.0 Administrator Guide > View the historical performance of virtual infrastructure > Display a pie chart breakdown of values

Display a pie chart breakdown of values

Some properties of the items in the virtual infrastructure have a limited number of possible values. In the Data Center Visualizer you can display pie chart breakdowns of these properties according to the possible values.

  1. Click Reporting > Business Views.
  2. Click the File:Success_Center/New_Articles/VMAN_Admin_MT/0B0/010/03000028.png icon.
  3. Under Configuration Explorer, click Facets, and select a facet.

The pie chart shows all the unique values for a property in Virtualization Manager. Hover over a section of the chart to see the corresponding value and the number of entities that constitute the section.

View the entities that constitute a pie chart

  1. Click a section on a pie chart.
  2. Click Search.

Sort entities by custom labels

  1. Click a section on a pie chart.
  2. Click Sort Selected Facet By.
  3. Select a custom label, and click Apply.

Add the pie chart visualization to a dashboard

  1. Select a facet, and click Add Widget.
  2. Select the dashboard where you want to add the widget, and click OK.
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