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Configure hosts to receive SNMP traps for alerts and discovery

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SolarWinds Virtualization Manager can send SNMP traps when:

  • New VMs are discovered
  • Alerts are raised or lowered

To configure a host that will receive SNMP traps:

  1. Click Setup > Advanced Setup > SNMP Configuration.
  2. Click Add Trap Host, and provide the required information:
    • Host Address
      The IP address or fully qualified domain name of the receiver of SNMP alerts.
    • Community String
      The SNMP community string is used for read-only access to SolarWinds Virtualization Manager alerts.
    • UDP Port
      The port where the SNMP receiver expects SNMP User Datagram Protocol traffic.
    • Retries
      The number of times to resend the SNMP trap if no acknowledgment is received.
    • Timeout
      The amount of time in milliseconds assigned to wait for acknowledgment before attempting a retry.
  3. Click Save.
  4. Click Send Test Trap to test the integration.

SNMP trap receivers may need details of the Virtualization Manager alert MIB. Click MIB to view the entire SolarWinds Virtualization Manager MIB.

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