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Schedule data collection

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The Collection Schedules page contains default collection schedules for each defined data source:

  • For configuration data
  • For sample (performance) data

To start data collection, select a schedule, and click Enable.

To modify the default timings and interval of schedules, select a schedule, and click Change Schedule.

Configuration jobs should not occur more often than once per hour. The default setting of collection once every 12 hours is sufficient for most purposes. Sample schedules run every 10 minutes by default, and this is fast enough for most practical applications.

For each collection schedule, click Change Schedule to modify the:

  • Start Time
    Indicates the date and time when the data collection job should begin.
  • Performance Interval
    Indicates the time interval on which the job is performed.
  • Enable Schedule
    Indicates whether the job is enabled or disabled for data collection.

For each data source, schedule both a configuration data collection job and a sample data collection job to provide configuration, performance, and state information for virtual machines. Data sources include Virtual Centers, unmanaged ESX hosts, and Hyper-V hosts.

After scheduling and enabling the data collection jobs, the scheduler runs each job at the specified start time and continues to run them at the specified interval. The time it takes for a job to complete varies based on the size of the environment to be collected from. To execute a collection schedule immediately, select the schedule on the Collection Schedules screen, and click Run Now.

To learn more about data collection and rollup, see Data collection and rollup calculation in Virtualization Manager.

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