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Install SolarWinds Virtualization Manager

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Created by Caroline Juszczak, last modified by MindTouch on Jun 23, 2016

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To install VMAN, you deploy an OVA or HVD file to a virtual system and integrate with an Orion Platform (existing or available by installing the Virtual Infrastructure Monitor). The VMAN product includes the appliance deployed on a VM and the integration with the Orion Web Console.

When you download VMAN from the Customer Portal, you receive the following files in the zips:
  • VMAN-Appliance-Install-1st.ova - deploys the VMAN appliance. Run this file first when deploying the VMAN appliance to Hyper-V or vSphere servers. A Hyper-V zip file is also available for those servers.
  • VMAN-Orion-Install-2nd.exe - installs the Virtual Infrastructure Monitor (VIM) for a standalone Orion Platform. If you do not have an existing Orion Platform, VIM provides all Orion and additional VMAN features through the Orion Web Console.

You must integrate the VMAN appliance with an Orion Platform (existing or using VIM) to gain access to all VMAN features, including recommendations.

For detailed instructions and information, see the following sections:

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