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Suspected failed data collection jobs

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Access the Configuration Summary page by clicking Setup > Administration in Virtualization Manager.

The Configuration Summary page shows currently running data collection jobs and the success and failure of past jobs. Successful data collection jobs have a green check mark next to them. Failed data collection jobs have a red exclamation mark next to them. Hover over the red exclamation mark to see details of why a job failed.

Troubleshooting failed data collection jobs

The most common causes of an error are incorrect credentials or an unreachable Virtual Center, which is most likely due to a typo in the IP address or in the name of the Virtual Center Data Source.

Another common reason for failed collection jobs is overlapping collections. If the data collection job takes longer to complete than the interval between the collection jobs, the collection will overlap with itself, which causes it to fail.

Make sure that you allow sufficient time for the collection job to finish before the collection starts again:

  1. Go to Setup > Administration > Collection Schedules in Virtualization Manager.
  2. Select the failing collection job, and compare the Interval of the failing job with its Duration.
  3. If the duration is longer than the interval, click Change Schedule in the top right, and modify the collection interval so that it will be longer than the duration of the collection job.
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