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SolarWinds Virtualization Manager 6.3 - Hot Fix 2

Created by Norsolihati Selamat, last modified by MindTouch on Jun 23, 2016

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SolarWinds Virtualization Manager 6.3.0 Hotfix 2

This Hotfix addresses the following issues:
- Reports are empty after upgrading to Virtualization Manager 6.3.0.
- The Virtualization Manager login screen is not displayed due to Flash issues.
- Optional logging of all WMI API calls.
- WMI timeouts are not handled correctly.
- The Report Schedules page does not work after upgrading to Virtualization Manager 6.3.0, if a report with tags was generated before the upgrade.
- The CPU count is not updated after running a performance job.
- The basic configuration data processing in performance jobs fails with IndexOutOfBoundsException error when the host CPU count changes.
- VMware VMs containing "]" in their name cause data collection issues.
- NullPointerException occurs in a performance job when the datastore is unmounted from the host.
- Incorrect error message is displayed when a performance job is rejected.
- The fix makes the batch size for the FileConfigJob configurable separately and sets the default to 32. This fixes a vSphere 6 sample query limitation.
- Possible to perform a search in configuration item names only.
- Fixes to trend report issues.
- NullPointerException error occurred when processing Hyper-V Cluster Disks.
- Files are multiplied in Datastore entities for Hyper-V Cluster Shared Volumes.
- Fixed Hyper-V host CPU usage/idle graphs.
- No content in Trend widgets when MultiTrend Table mode is used.
- NullPointerException error occurred in VMware collection jobs during the enumeration phase.
- No CPU samples are collected for Hyper-V VMs if the VM name includes parentheses.
- Issue with processing data collection JMS events in incorrect order.
- Added ability to disable processing of basic configuration data during performance collection.
- Added periodic monitoring of ActiveMQ and Java threads.
- Improved JMS configuration and logging of Configuration/Performance data processing.
- Missing performance data for VSAN6 datastores.
- Virtualization Manager unexpectedly stops sending data to the Orion server.
- The vm.internal.dateCreated attribute does not reflect its description.
- The Stale VMs report is empty for Hyper-V VMs.


This Hotfix requires SolarWinds Virtualization Manager version 6.3.0


Installation Instructions:

* Installing the hotfix replaces the Virtualization Manager application. 
* The original files are renamed and saved for rollback to the original.  
* The install script will restart the Tomcat service and Virtualization Manager will be running the hotfix.

Follow the steps in the next sections to automatically install, manually install, or uninstall the hotfix.

Option 1: Automatic installation
1. Log in to the management interface at https://[VMan IP/Hostname]:5480
2. On the SolarWinds Mgmt tab, switch to the HotFix view.
3. Enter the URL of the archive, or upload the file directly. 

The fix will be installed automatically.

Option 2 - Manual installation
1.  Use SCP to copy the enclosed VMAN-v6.3.0-HF2.tgz file to the admin user home directory on the master appliance (/home/admin).
2.  Log in to the appliance as an admin user using SSH (for example using putty):
    $ cd /home/admin
    $ tar xf VMAN-v6.3.0-HF2.tgz
    $ sudo bash ./

After applying this fix, the issues outlined above should no longer occur.


Uninstall  Instructions:

Option 1
1.  Log in to the management interface at https://[VMan IP/Hostname]:5480.
2.  On the SolarWinds Mgmt tab, switch to the HotFix view.
3.  Click the Uninstall button.

Option 2
1.  Log in to the appliance as admin user, and sudo bash.
    $ cd /var/solarwinds/hotfix
    $ sudo bash ./

For more information, contact Technical Support at



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04:12, 23 Jun 2016