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Receiving Message to Update VIM During VMAN Installation

Updated September 26, 2017


This article explains an issue where a customer receives a message to update the Virtualization Integration Module (VIM) during the installation of Virtualization Manager (VMAN), but there is not a public-facing link for installing VIM on its own.


  • VMAN 8.0


Historically, VIM was considered the Orion portion of VMAN, integrating VMAN monitoring data, metrics, alerts, and more into the Orion Web Console, and came in two versions: 

  • A free version that shipped with SAM and NPM.
  • A more robust version with full VMAN functionality integrated with Orion.


SolarWinds is moving away from usage of the "VIM" name since many customers are unaware of what VIM is, resulting in confusion for users.


Currently, there are no official iterations of VIM 8.0 or VIM 8.1. Starting with VMAN 8.0, the Orion Installer (also called the Falcon installer) installs VMAN with full functionality without the need to install VIM separately. However, when a customer looks at the bottom row of the Orion Web Console for installed products, this installation still appears as VIM. This will be corrected in future releases of VMAN.


For customers who own VMAN, they will need to download and install VMAN 8.0 from the Customer Portal


NPM comes with VMAN 8.0 installed and a license is necessary to enable the full feature set. SAM will also include VMAN 8.0 in future releases.


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