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Polling issues when VMAN monitors a vCenter that is hosted on a virtual machine (affects AppStack)

Updated March 28, 2018


You may encounter polling issues when VMAN is monitoring a vCenter that is hosted on a virtual machine.


In this case, AppStack will treat the vCenter as a virtual machine and display the parent entities of the virtual machine instead of the environment underneath the vCenter.


  • VMAN
  • AppStack
  • vCenter


This is a configuration-based issue, caused by a conflict where VMAN polls the vCenter, which is hosted by a virtual machine underneath that vCenter.


As a work-around, you can alter the permission of the user/group credential used by VMAN for monitoring the vCenter to prevent polling of the virtual machine which hosts the vCenter itself. 


The user/group's permissions must be modified using the vSphere client. For the virtual machine where the vCenter is installed, set the user/group's permission to "No access".


Doing so will prevent the vCenter from polling the virtual machine that is hosting it. 


The following steps and image provide an example.

  1. Locate and select the virtual machine where the additional vCenter is installed.
  2. Select the Permissions tab.
  3. Select the user/group and modify the Access Rule to No access.
  4. Select Propagate and click OK.


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