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No net throughput data on reports and on VMs

Created by Roger Lofamia, last modified by Rodim Suarez on Mar 08, 2017

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Updated March 9, 2017


This article provides troubleshooting steps to check why some VMs do not have any net throughput data on reports and on the VMs themselves.


  • VMan 6.3.2
  • VMan 6.3.1


Before jumping on a conclusion that it might be a VMan issue and before you check the VMAN logs, you will first need to know if this issue is happening on all VMs monitored by VMan. On this case, the issue is happening on just some VMs.



The best way to further check the issue is to connect to the vCenter or ESX host (added datasource on VMAN) where the VMs affected by the issue is hosted using the vSphere client/web client then check the VM's if they have network data.


  1. connect to the vCenter or ESX host using vSphere client/web client. Make sure to use the user credential added on VMAN credentials when you login on the vSphere client.
  2. find or locate one of the affected VMs.
  3. Go to the Performance tab then find the Network resource.
  4. Verify if there is data showing on the Network resource. If there is no data then the issue is with the vCenter.


Note: VMan only gets configuration and performance data on the added datasource, vCenter or ESX host, If there is no configuration or performance data on the vCenter or ESX host then VMAN will not be able to show those data.


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