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License count exceeded

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Updated September 7, 2016


When the number of monitored CPUs exceeds the applied Virtualization Manager license, you will be unable to add additional hosts for monitoring. In such scenarios, reviewing the monitored hosts to ensure accuracy will allow for releasing licenses to be used on more critical hosts or a larger license can be applied


VMan 6.3 and earlier


You may review the hosts, including their socket count, which are monitored by Virtualization Manager.

  1. List all hosts (search for *).
  2. Click Export Results.
  3. Add attributes:
    • host.processorSocketCount
    • host.connectionState
    • ost.powerstate
  4. Click Run Export.
  5. Save the generated Excel file and review.


When data source collection is turned off then socket count should be 0. When it is enabled then the real socket count is recomputed. Socket count is also recomputed automatically in the background (once per hour).

You can also manually start license recalculation in the web console by:

  1. Browsing to Setup.
  2. Selecting System Maintenance.
  3. Clicking on Recalc License.







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