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vCenter 5.5/6.5 VMs display high latency with enormous values in VMAN

Updated: August 27, 2018


VMware vCenter 5.5 and later, including 6.5, VMs incorrectly display enormous values for high latency through VMAN charts and graphs. This incorrect latency data is provided by VMware when polling vCenter VMs and interpreted by VMAN.


Older versions of VMAN (pre 8.0) attempt to display this incorrect data, causing the values to display in years.


Important: Be advised, multiple counters and latency values may be affected by this issue. This issue might appear only on a few elements under a vCenter and does not need to affect every poll.


For example, the following chart displays these extremely high data values in years in older versions of VMAN (pre 8.0).

The following image displays an enormous value In VMware vCenter.


  • VMware vCenter 5.5U2 + (including vCenter 6.5)
  • VMAN all versions before 8.0



The VMware APIs for 5.5U2+ VMs provide incorrect, extremely high latency information. The incorrect data provided by VMware is displayed in enormous values in both the VMware vCenter and VMAN.



VMAN 8.0+ now makes a specific consideration for data received from a vCenter in this manner and filters out enormous latency values of over a minute. Upgrade to VMAN 8.0 or newer to resolve this issue.



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