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Remove orphaned collectors

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VMan v6.1.1


When a collector is shut down or decommissioned, the database entries may be intact causing the old collectors to still appear under the Setup tab of the VMan website.

To remove old entries of orphaned collectors from the database: 

  1. Log into the VMan Appliance console using a remote connection network tool such as putty.
  2. Type psql -U h9pgsu hyper9db to login to the database, then you should see the prompt hyper9db=# on the screen.
  3. Run the following query:
    • DELETE FROM cfg_systemconfig_collectors WHERE id NOT IN (SELECT collector_id FROM cfg_systemconfig_hosts) and name !='localhost';
    Type \q


For VMAN 7.2

Login on VMAN console> Go to Set up tab> Configuration Summary:


1. Find your “red” decommissioned collector.
2. Hover over it, and let the pop-up appear.
3. Then slide to the right to the (x) indicator.
4. Click the (x) to remove the collector.

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