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Recover VMAN appliance Web Console admin password

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Created by Interspire Import, last modified by Abdul.Aziz on Oct 04, 2018

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updated Oct 04, 2018


If you forget the admin account password for the VMAN appliance Web Console, you can reset the password.

To reset the password of the admin account for the VMAN appliance Web Console:

  1. SSH to the appliance as 'admin' user (default password 'admin'). Note: The SSH admin account is not the same account as the Web Console admin account.
  2. Use command "sudo su" to gain root access.
  3. Enter: psql -U h9pgsu hyper9db
    You should see hyper9db=#
  4. Enter: UPDATE auth_user SET password = '' WHERE username = 'admin';
    You should see UPDATE 1
  5. Enter:\q

The admin password has now been reset to a blank password you can now log in to the VMAN appliance Web Console with just the username and no password.


If you forgot the admin password for Web console and SSH as well, then the only way to recover is to log a support ticket with Solarwinds VMAN support team. 

Support will login as root and reset the admin password.

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