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No VMs and Datastore data on Orion Virutalization Summary

Updated September 1, 2016


VMAN is unable to send data to the Orion server. The Orion Virtualization summary is not showing any VMs or Datastore data.


  • NPM 12
  • NPM 11.5.x
  • VMAN 6.x (version must be compatible with NPM)


This happens when the Orion server has two NICs and the Orion server is using the incorrect IP address from one of the NICs.

VMAN master logs show that VMAN is able to send the data to the Orion server through the incorrect IP address successfully. This is because the incorrect IP address is pingable and ports 17777 and 17778 are open.

However, upon further checking. It was found that the Orion server has two NICs and VMAN is suppose to send the data on NIC 1 (with the correct IP address) instead on NIC 2 (with the incorrect IP address).

So the issue is with the incorrect IP address that is assigned to the Orion primary module engine. Running the Configuration Wizard does not correct the issue and it was found that NIC 1 is the primary NIC.


Auto metric is enabled on the NICs and it seems that this is causing the Configuration Wizard to use NIC 2 instead of NIC 1.

The solution is to set the metric to manual and assign the value '1' (no quotes) to the NIC (on this case NIC1) that has the correct IP address. The '1' value will make the NIC 1 the priority NIC.

This solution most of the time is unacceptable due to strict compliance. You may try to change the IP address on the Orion database manually but when you run the Configuration Wizard it will just revert to the previous setting.



Disable NIC 2 then run Configuration Wizard. This will force Configuration Wizard to use the NIC 1 IP address.

Reintegrate VMAN to the Orion server and run VMAN Synchronization Wizard.


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