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Move VMAN appliance polling to a federated collector

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Created by Giane Ira, last modified by christopher.roy on Jun 04, 2018

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Updated June 4, 2018


This article describes how to move polling data sources from the main VMAN appliance instance to a federated collector, which acts as an additional poller. Deployment of federated collectors is free and can be used as an alternative for the main VMAN appliance instance to poll data sources.


All VMAN appliance versions


If you're using VMAN in the Orion Platform, you'll scale your environment using free VMAN-specific Additional Polling Engines instead of federated collectors. See the VMAN Deployment Sizing Guide.


After you have installed a federated collector to split data collection tasks between remote servers, assign it to your preferred data source:

  1. Open the VMAN appliance console and go to the Setup tab.
  2. Click Data Sources.
  3. Select a data source and click Edit. A dialog box opens with a drop-down menu of available collectors.
  4. Select the collector and submit the change.



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