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Migrating Virtualization Manager with the migration tool

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You want to migrate data from a previous installation to the current Virtualization Manager appliance.


To migrate data from a previous Hyper9 or SolarWinds Virtualization Manager server, perform the following steps:


  1. Install a version of Virtualization Manager that contains the Data Migration Utility (5.0 and later).
  2. Log in to SolarWinds Virtualization Manager at https://ipAddress:5480.
  3. Click SolarWinds Mgmt > Migrate Data From Old Hyper9 / VMgr Server.
  4. In Prepare the source (old) system for migration select the Prepare source appliance for migration check box, and then type the username and password pertaining to the previous appliance.
  5. Type the source IP address in the Perform the migration field, and then click Perform Migration.
  6. To view the progress of the migration, click Monitor Maintenance Log.
  7. Wait until the "Migration completed" message is displayed in the h9maint.log.
  8. Log in to the new Virtualization Manager.




  • By following this procedure, the database, including the AD/LDAP users, and the license will be migrated to the new appliance. The login to the previous appliance will be disabled.
  • The migration tool is only available if the database of the new Virtualization Manager appliance is empty. If Virtualization Manager has already started to collect data, the following warning message will be displayed: "This appliance already contains data, and cannot be used as a migration target."
  • If the previous installation uses an external PostgreSQL database server located on a separate server (VM), it is not necessary to migrate the data. In this case, shut down the old application server, and connect the application instance contained within the new appliance to the existing database by editing the hyper9.conf file.



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