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Generate a report that displays VM growth over time

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Updated May 3, 2018


This article describes how to generate a report that displays the growth of your virtual machine (VM) over time.


  • VMan 8.2


This example describes how to create a new VM report that uses the metric Average Total Storage Size on the virtual machine.

  1. Create a new Report.

    See Create a web-based report in the Orion Platform Administrator Guide for details about web-based reporting.

  2. Select Custom Chart as the resource.
  3. In the Add Content screen, select Selection method: Specific Objects.
  4. Click the Show drop-down list and select Virtual Machines.
  5. Select the virtual machines you want to include in the report, and click Add to Layout.
  6. In the Edit Resource screen, click Add Data Series and select VM Statistics History.
  7. Select Average total storage used and add it to the chart. 




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