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Error: The virtualization manager primary license could not be validated

Created by Miroslav Beno, last modified by Karen Valdellon_ret on Apr 19, 2017

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This article provides brief information and steps to resolve the following error:

The virtualization manager primary license could not be validated


The primary license is installed and activated on a VMan virtual appliance, and the secondary license is installed and activated on the Orion server. 

The License Manager view from Orion > IVIM shows License Type Secondary and 64 allowed sockets. 

The Virtualization console shows the primary license, however with an error suggesting 7 days to fix it:

Virtualization Manager Primary License Problem

Your virtual environment is not being monitored by Orion because your Virtualization Manager primary license could not be validated for more than 7 days.

To solve the issue, apply your primary license either to Virtualization Manager or to Orion.


All VMan versions


The issue occurs when there is a potential version mismatch. 


Verify that you have compatible versions:

NPM console:  You will find the version at the bottom of the screen.  It should be 11.5.2 and IVIM version 2.1.
VMan console: Go to Setup > License. The version should be 6.3.


If the versions match:

1. Go to your NPM server.

2. Disable any firewalls or antivirus applications.

3. Open ports 17777 and 17778. This will enable the NPM server to reach the VMan server and verify licenses. 

4. Disable any proxy for communication with VMan.


Disable integration and reintegrate

1. Go to Settings > Virtualization settings > Set up VMan integration > Disable integration.

2. Allow a few minutes for the system to refresh.

3. Reintegrate.

This will reintegrate connections. You will not lose any data.



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