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"Could Not Poll" error in Hyper-V Host Details

Updated October 31, 2017


When credentials in the format of "username@domain" are used for Hyper-V polling, the VMAN Orion polling method fails, resulting in the Could Not Poll and connection failed error messages under Hyper-V Host Details:



If you have debug logging enabled, the following message can also be found in the JavaWorker debug logs:

com.hyper9.data_collection.wmi_executor.WmiJobSession - Access denied, please check whether the [domain-username-password] are correct.


  • VMAN 8.0


Hyper V, VMAN Orion polling does not support credentials in the format of username@domain.


Workaround: Update the windows credential assigned to the Hyper-V host to domain\username format.


To update the credential:

  1. In the Orion Web Console, navigate to SETTINGS > All Settings > Under CREDENTIALS > Manage Windows Credentials.
  2. Update the credential using the "username@domain" format to the "domain\username" format.


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