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Excluding ESX hosts from VMAN monitoring to decrease used sockets

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Created by Mark Aliola, last modified by christopher.roy on Nov 08, 2017

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This article describes a workaround to decrease the number of sockets used by excluding Hosts from monitoring.

This can be used when you have exceeded the socket count for your license entitlement in VMAN.


All VMAN versions where the data source is a vCenter.


  1. Open the vSphere Client.
  2. Expand the Host & Clusters until you locate the host you want to exclude.
  3. Right-click the host, and then click Add Permission.
  4. Add the user that VMAN uses for data collection.
  5. Assign a No Access role - this will exclude the selected Host from monitoring and data collection.


Please note, that it takes the VMAN appliance 48 years by default to phase out objects that we can no longer see via permissions. This can be changed in the appliance web interface under Setup->Advanced Setup->System Properties by adjusting the Stale interval (The values are in hours).


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