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Configure VMan for timezone changes

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Updated March 14, 2017


A country, for example Turkey, will no longer observe daylight saving time going forward. The country ended its DST observance on October 30, 2016. Instead, Turkey will remain permanently set to the UTC+3 time zone and will not return to UTC+2.
Windows released a hotfix for this. Is there anything we must do for VMAN (CentOS)?


  • CentOS appliance
  • Vman 6.x


This is what happens in Linux when a country changes a timezone.
This is an old article but it gives you insights into how the process works. Checking tzdata if it has been updated, and it does not reflect the changes in time zone as of today (2016-10-28), please see this RedHat portal thread.
Also checked the current status of tzdata for CentOS and there was no mention of Turkey 2016.
It is recommended to change the time zone to "etc/UTC-3" (yes, -3 not +3!) for the time being to avoid desync with Active Directory (if you are using one). You can make changes to the time zone in Management Console, System, Time Zone.


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