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UDT Whitelist rule changes to different type after submission or reboot

Updated: 11/3/17


This article describes a known issue that can happen in UDT when a Whitelist rule is created as one Custom Type, and is changed to a different Type at a later date. The Taret reverts to the original after submission or reboot.


The IP Address rule TestRule is created:



This shows up as the following in Manage Whitelist:



Now, edit the rule again and change it to a MAC address rule with an inserted MAC like so:



Once  the rule is saved and you go to Manage rules, you'll see that it still shows the Target as it did before:


You can see that the date has changed, but the Target remains as IPAddress. If you then edit the rule, you will see the following:



  • UDT 3.2.4 and higher


This is a known bug within UDT. The setting is retained until the rule is removed.



To resolve the issue, you need to delete the original rule and create a replacement rule with the new type.





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