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UDT Report Not Reading Mac from Port

Created by Niall Fitzgerald, last modified by MindTouch on Jun 23, 2016

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This article describes the initial troubleshooting steps of how to investigate the scenario where UDT reporting does not register MAC addresses against specific devics ports.


  • UDT all
  • All device types (example provided is CISCO IOS)



There may be several causes for this problem, but this article primarily focuses on the scenario the fault resides on the 3rd party vendor device itself.



As a first step to troubleshooting ensure that the device has MAC addresses registered against the ports:


  1. The example shown is Cisco specific but the commands for other vendor should be similar. (please refer to your vendor manual for your own specific command set)
    1. Execute the command 'Show Mac address-table' and check the MAC is registered against the port 
  2. Where there is no MAC registered, verify the integrity of the cabling and check the host NIC. You may need to reboot the host to force the MAC to be re-learned by the switch.
  3. Where a MAC is registered and is not being reported correctly by UDT then proceed to contact Solarwinds Support.





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