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Verify program operation

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Created by Steven Bansil, last modified by Steven Bansil on Feb 02, 2017

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Orion Platform runs many components at the same time to deliver a view of your network status. Confirm that the following components are running on your Server:

  • Services
  • Message Queuing
  • Net.Tcp Port Sharing Service
  • SNMP Trap Service
  • SolarWinds Alerting Engine service
  • SolarWinds Collector Data Processor, Management Agent, and Polling Controller services
  • SolarWinds Information Service
  • SolarWinds Job Engine and Job Engine v2
  • SolarWinds Job Scheduler
  • SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor Service. All SolarWinds products use this service. It is not exclusive to SolarWinds NPM.
  • SolarWinds SolarWinds product services
  • SolarWinds Information Service
  • SolarWinds Platform product Engine
  • SolarWinds Syslog and Trap Services
  • SQL Server
  • Internet Information Service (IIS)
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