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Created by Steven Bansil, last modified by Steven Bansil on Jan 31, 2017

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All Disk Volumes

For all monitored volumes, this report displays the volume type and size, available space on the volume, amount of the available space that is currently used, and the peak amount of the available space that has been used on the volume, with the month in which peak usage occurred, over the last 12 months. Volumes are listed beneath their respective parent nodes.

Community Strings for each Node

This displays the node, IP address, SNMP community string.

Community Strings

This displays a list of community strings and the total number of devices for which they are currently being used.

Device Types

This displays a list of monitored machine types and the number of each type that are currently monitored.

IOS Versions of Cisco Devices

For all monitored Cisco devices, this report displays the device name, machine type, and Cisco IOS Version and Image.

For available UDT reports, see Use predefined SolarWinds UDT reports.

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19:37, 30 Jan 2017