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Create a network map

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Created by Steven Bansil_ret, last modified by Steven Bansil_ret on Jan 30, 2017

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Orion Network Atlas is a powerful tool for creating custom maps and network diagrams. The maps created in Orion Network Atlas enable users to view a graphical depiction of their network in the Orion Web Console. You can also use the maps to create network documentation, which can then be printed and exported as needed.

Map objects may include monitored Orion nodes, interfaces, and volumes; SolarWinds UDT managed ports; nested maps; and network links. The numerous presentation options for your network maps include the following:

  • A large set of predefined background colors, textures, and images is available for you to use in your maps. You can also provide your own custom background graphics.
  • Real-time weather or natural disaster maps may be projected directly onto your network maps using linked web graphics as a background.
  • The shape, size, color, and style of map links may be customized to illustrate the status or the relative bandwidth of associated objects.
  • Map objects may be presented in a unique set of graphical styles to portray network status
  • Maps may be nested to selectively reveal increasing levels of map detail, and the status of nested map child objects may be bubbled up to the parent map

Orion Network Atlas is also fully compatible with all network maps created with Orion Map Maker used with earlier versions of SolarWinds UDT products. For more information, see the SolarWinds Network Atlas Administrator Guide.

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