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Manage Scheduled Discovery Results

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Created by Steven Bansil_ret, last modified by Steven Bansil_ret on Jan 23, 2017

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The Scheduled Discovery Results tab of Network Discovery provides a list of all recently discovered, changed, or imported devices on your monitored network. Results are compared between discoveries, and results are listed on this tab. The following procedure provides guidelines for managing discovery results.

  1. Click Start > All Programs > SolarWinds Orion > Configuration and Auto-Discovery > NetworkDiscovery.
  2. Click Scheduled Discovery Results.
  3. Select the type of devices you want to view from the Status menu. The following options are available:

    • Select Found to view all devices discovered by a scheduled discovery.
    • Select Changed to view all devices that have changed between recent scheduled discoveries. Changes include the addition of interfaces and device configuration changes.
    • Select Imported to view all devices you have recently imported you're your Orion Platform database. For more information about importing devices, see Use the Network Sonar Discovery Results Wizard.
    • Select Ignored to view all devices you have added to your Discovery Ignore List. For more information about the Discovery Ignore List, see Use the discovery ignore list.
    • Select Found and Changed to view a combined list of all devices found or changed as described above.
    • Select All except Ignored to view all discovered, changed or imported devices you have not already designated as Ignored, as detailed above.
  4. If you want to apply a grouping criterion to organize your listed results, select a criterion from the Group by menu in the left pane.
  5. If there are changed or discovered nodes in the results list that you want to update your Orion Platform database to include, check all nodes to update or to add, and then click Import Nodes.
  6. If there are devices you want SolarWinds UDT to ignore in future discoveries, regardless of discovered updates or changes, check all nodes to ignore, and then click Add to Ignore List.
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