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Deactivate and register licenses with the License Manager

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Created by Steven Bansil_ret, last modified by Steven Bansil_ret on Jan 13, 2017

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If you decide to move your SolarWinds product to another server, use License Manager to deactivate the license on the computer with the currently licensed product and reactivate it on the server with the new installation.

To be able to deactivate and reuse a license without contacting SolarWinds Customer Service, your product needs to be under active maintenance.

To deactivate a SolarWinds license and register it on another computer:

  1. Log in to the computer where the current SolarWinds product is installed.
  2. Click Start > All Programs > SolarWinds > SolarWinds License Manager.
  3. Select products you want to deactivate on this computer, and the click Deactivate.

    You can deactivate more than one product at the same time. In this case, the deactivation file contains information about each product. There are also products wherein you can deactivate licenses by using the licensing tool of the product.

  4. Complete the deactivation wizard, and save the deactivation file.
  5. Log in to the SolarWinds Customer Portal, and navigate to the License Management page.
  6. Select your product instance, and click Deactivate license manually.
  7. In the Manage License Deactivation page, browse for the deactivation file you created in License Manager, and click Upload.

    Deactivate licenses are now available to activate on a new computer. The new License Manager tool allows offline deactivation with a created file that can be uploaded to the customer portal.

  8. Log in to the computer on which you want to install your products, and then begin installation.
  9. When asked to specify your licenses, provide the appropriate information. The license you deactivated earlier is then assigned to the new installation.
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