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Missing IP addresses - ARP contained in VRF

Created by Matthew Lamb, last modified by MindTouch on Jun 23, 2016

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Users may find that they are still missing IP address information in UDT that may be from a configured VRF on their router.

This article describes how to ensure that you can gather ARP data that may be present in VRFs by using a VRF context config on the device in question.


  • UDT v3.0 and later
  • Cisco


The device does not have a vrf context enabled on the device to allow access through SNMP.


  1. Ensure that the ARP cache is already on the device.
  2. Run the following command to view the data:
    show ip arp vrf all
  3. Add the configuration below to the device.
    Note: If on UDT 3.1 or higher, Make sure to unmark the field Disable VRF Context Poll under the Layer 3 Polling Settings in the node settings in the section UDT Polling Settings.

Create the snmp context and map it to the second VRF :

snmp-server context (context name) vrf (second vrf name)

Define the second community:

snmp-server community second_community_string

Set the mib parameters for the second context

snmp-server mib community-map (second_community_string) context (second vrf name)


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