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Mark physical ports as Unmonitored in Juniper

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Created by Brian O'Donovan, last modified by MindTouch on Jun 23, 2016

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Juniper Physical & Logical ports are added separately. For NPM, you need to monitor the Physical [interface] (ge-0/0/0) to get the error interface states to mean anything. For UDT, you need to monitor the Unit [port] (ge-0/0/0.0) to get the L2 MAC data, and ARP info from the router.


All UDT versions


Exclude Physical ports from UDT monitoring:

  1. Back-up your SQL database.
  2. Connect to the Orion SQL database using SQL Server Management Studio.
  3. Right-click your database and select New Query.
  4. Enter the following query in the Query editor.
    Update p Set IsMonitored=0 From UDT_Port p Inner join Nodes n on n.NodeID= P.NodeID where n.Vendor like 'Juniper Networks%' and charindex('.',p.Name,1) =0
  5. ​Click Execute.

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04:02, 23 Jun 2016