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Home > Success Center > User Device Tracker (UDT) > UDT - Knowledgebase Articles > Using UDT to poll Cisco ASA devices

Using UDT to poll Cisco ASA devices

Updated 8/3/2017


The article covers the new UTD feature that allows the monitoring of Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA)


  • UDT 3.3.



The device must be already added as SNMP node, so add the device as usual using the Network Discovery or AddNode wizard.

  1. Open Edit Properties for the device, and check Advanced Cisco ASA Monitoring in the Cisco ASA block.

  2. Fill in the device credentials, and click TEST button to validate.udt_3.3_cisco_1.png

  3. Submit the form, wait for at least the polling interval, and check device ports.udt_3.3_cisco_2.png
  4. If the UDT setting UDT.UI.ShowAlsoIndirectConnections is switched on, the port endpoints should be shown on the Port Details widget on the Node Details page.udt_3.3_cisco_3.png


Can't add the device as SNMP node

  • Check the device is available to the host.  Ensure the Poller IP has been added to the device snmp-server host with the correct SNMP configurations (SNMP version, community string, etc.).
  • To see all device hosts by PuTTY:
    - Connect to the device by PuTTY and run the following commands:
        enable > EnablePassword;
        configure terminal;
        show snmp-server host.

  • How to Add host to the device by PuTTY:
  • enable > EnablePassword;
    configure terminal;
    snmp-server host (interface) (host IP) (SNMP configuration)

    SNMP v2 example:snmp-server host inside community public

Device does not show endpoints on the Port Details page

  • Incorrect CLI credentials

    Open Edit Properties and check Advanced Cisco ASA Monitoring in the Cisco ASA block. Click TEST button for CLI credential validation.

  • Incorrect snmp-server host
    Check device snmp-server host. Poller IP should be added to device snmp-server host with correct SNMP configurations (SNMP version, community, …).
    (see the previous step how to check or add snmp-server host )

  • Incorrect CLI Device Template 
    Open Edit Properties and change Device Template in the CLI Device Template block to the Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance

For additional information on configuring SNMP on an Cisco ASA device, see The Cisco ASA 5500 Series Configuration Guide using the CLI




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