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UDT Endpoint Details for Hostnames missing data

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Updated February 2, 2018


When you search for a hostname for a disconnected endpoint the "History Connections" resources do not contain any data. 


  • UDT 3.0 and later


In UDT, an active Connection can show IP/MAC/Hostname, as well as the user and what device it's currently seen on. However, when that port is shut down or the device is disconnected, this is all no longer on the same page. This is because we are getting hostnames as part of the Audit Events, we use to track user logins, and the UDT server attempts to resolve the hostname for an IP address the router/switch shows in use via DNS. When the endpoint is no longer connected, the DNS resolution can and, at times, will fail. 


Therefore, the hostname we get from the Audit Event is still present as part of the event, but not resolving. It still shows as an endpoint, but without the physical connection details. 



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