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Port unmonitored automatically in UDT

Updated: 2/20/18



If a port/switch is unreachable in UDT for more than 3 Hours, it goes into an unmonitored state.


  • UDT 3.3.0



This is by design!

There is a new option in the UDT Database. 

UDT settings table 

By default, this is 3 hours.

If an end device is not reachable for this period, ports on this device will be shown as unmonitored.



  1. You can manually increase this period. For example, to set it to 10 - 100 hours: we are using 10 in this example


UPDATE UDT_SETTING SET SettingValue=10 WHERE  SettingName='UDT.UnmonitorPortDelayHoursWhenNodeIsDownOrReboot'


Back up your database, before running this query.




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