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Add all existing devices to whitelist such as MAC, IP, or Host name

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Updated December 1, 2016


This article provides an easy way to ensure that all existing devices (MAC, IP or Host name) are added into the UDT whitelist. This is practically useful for Network/System Admins so that instead of adding one by one, this can be done in few easy steps.

Once the network devices has reached a stable state (meaning all known and approved IP MAC and hostname has been added to whitelist ) any new MAC, IP or Hostname are subject for review and approval by the Network/Systems Admin.


All UDT versions


  1. Access the Orion Database (RDP).
  2. Launch Database Manager and open the Solarwinds/Orion Database.
  3. Look for any or all of the below tables, depending on what you need:




  4. By Default, the query only shows 1000 entries. If you have a large environment, feel free to change the numeric value as you see fit:
SELECT TOP 10000 * FROM [dbo].[UDT_Endpoint] 
SELECT TOP 1000 * FROM [dbo].[UDT_EndpointIP]
SELECT TOP 1000 * FROM [dbo].[UDT_EndpointDNS]


  1. Click Export to CSV.

  2. Now that you have the Raw Data, open this file in MS Excel and edit this to only obtain the IP, MAC or Hostname Column. (Use Text to Column in Excel to separate the Data). Also make sure to use the Delete Duplicate entries in excel to ensure accuracy.



3. On the Orion web console go to Settings\UDT Settings\Manage White List.

4. Click on the "Add New" button

5. From the left panel, you can click on "Custom" for bulk change/edit

6. You can change the Target field based on your preferred information to be added in white list

7. Follow the wizard to save the changes.


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