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Other Time is High

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Created by Jerome Obviar, last modified by Rodim Suarez on Aug 18, 2016

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Other time is the remaining load time after Database and Business Layer are complete. This will include SWIS connectivity, loading of IIS and .Net Caches, and .Net object creation time. 


Ruling It Out

  • If Other time is quick, then the problem lies elsewhere:

In the example above, 159 ms for Other time is clearly not an issue

Proof Positive

  • If in like the example below, Other time is high at over 85 seconds, the things that contribute to Other time is what you want to focus on
  • High response times here may indicate old cache data or slow SWIS response time
  • Check Orion.InformationService.log for long running queries
  • Look for errors in Orion.InformationService.log
  • Check for communication issues with other polling engines

Likely Causes 

Here's what you can do if Orion website performance is due to slow load times in Other time

The .NET cache needs to be cleared

  • ​This is one of the first things you can try to reduce Other time
  • See the Clear .Net cache manually article for more information.
  • Make sure to wait for 15-20 minutes before trying to launch the Orion website again to see if the load times have improved
  • If clearing the .NET cache does not immediately fix the issue, see Website Optimization in the next section


The website needs to be optimized


Antivirus Exclusions

  • The Antivirus software in the environment might be locking does certain folders Orion needs
  • Make sure that the customer has the proper exclusion configured in their antivirus software
  • See the Files and directories to exclude from antivirus scanning article for more information.


Automatic update of root certificates

  • If the items above still doesn't resolve the issue, try turning off automatic root certificate update on the Orion server
  • It's possible that the Orion server is configured to update its root certificates over the Internet. If this fails for some other underlying reason, this might cause website performance issues
  • If you see long running SWIS queries in OrionWeb.log and OrionInformationService.log, it is likely that this is causing the website performance issue
  • You might also see cypt32 errors in Windows Event logs if this is the case
  • See the Turn off automatic root certificates update article for more information.


Folder Permission Issues

  • Orion might not have the proper permissions to certain folders it needs
  • You can use Orion Permission Checker to check and fix folder permission issues
  • See the Use Orion Permission Checker article for more information.


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