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Collect a process dump

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Created by Richard Casey, last modified by MindTouch on Jun 23, 2016

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This article describes how to collect a process dump. The Development Team request this information to allow them to analyse and determine the reason why a process or service crashed.


Applies to all SolarWinds products


  1. Download and install Procdump from below location

  2. Identify the affected process ID or process name from the Task Manager.
  3. Using the command prompt, browse to the folder where Procdump is installed and enter the following command:

    procdump -MA -E PID-OR-PROCESS-NAME

    When you run the command without -E, it will collect the current process dump without waiting for the process or service to crash.

  4. This command will create a process dump for the named process when it crashes and store it in the folder from where Procdump was executed (i.e. folder where Procdump is installed).



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