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Get valuable help when it comes to tracking and monitoring changes. SolarWinds® Server Configuration Monitor (SCM) is designed to help you: detect, track, and receive alerts when changes occur, correlate system performance against configuration changes, compare server and application configuration against custom baselines, and verify application and system changes.

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Threat Monitor (TM)

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    • Threat Monitor enables you to achieve and maintain audit compliance by providing extensive out-of-the-box compliance reporting. It features a report wizard for creating customized reports that enable you to leverage existing report templates or create custom reports to fit your business needs. In addition, you can consolidate and store logs from all of your on-premises, hosted and cloud-based devices, as well as use built-in archiving to ensure compliance.



SolarWinds Threat Monitor observes event traffic as it flows through your network infrastructures and virtualized environments in real time. Using a combination of multi-conditional rules, threat intelligence, alarms, and log correlation, Threat Monitor provides detailed event messages and alerting to help you maintain situational awareness and protect your customers from potential breach activity.  Learn more 


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