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Web Console is not working correctly after a manual upgrade of JRE on the STM server

Created by Maciej Klasa, last modified by MindTouch on Jun 23, 2016

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The following error appears when trying to run reports or when trying to check the page settings:

Storage Manager has encountered a problem.
Unable to compile class for JSP: An error occurred at line: 38 in the jsp file: /jsp/RunReport.jsp The type java.lang.CharSequence cannot be resolved. It is indirectly referenced from required .class files 35: if (optionTitles != null) { 36: for (int l = 0; l < optionTitles.length; l++) { 37: if (l > 0 && l < optionTitles.length) { 38: sb.append(","); 39: } 40: sb.append(optionTitles[l]); 41: } Stacktrace:
Contact your local administrator and report this problem.


The error appeared after upgrading JRE after experiencing polling issues with IBM SVC.


SRM Profiler 6.2.3



The web service in SRM 6.2.3 is not compatible with JRE1.8. Upgrade of JRE should be done only on STM Agents.


1. Provision a new VM.
2. Install STM Agent on that VM.
3. Upgrade JRE on the agent.
4. Re-assign IBM SVC to that new agent.
5. Downgrade JRE on the STM server.



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03:56, 23 Jun 2016