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Storage Resource Monitor Training


Storage Resource Monitor (SRM) training

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SolarWinds Academy - Foundations Series - Video

These short videos will show you how to utilize key features of Storage Resource Monitor.


SolarWinds Academy - Professional Training Series

Available for all customers with active maintenance.

Introduction to the Orion Platform

The SolarWinds Orion Platform hosts a suite of SolarWinds products, including NPM, SAM, SRM, NTA, and more. Orion 101 offers a product-neutral introduction to the Orion Core. We’ll cover web interface familiarization, discovering devices and applications, creating maps and custom views, and account management. 

Upcoming Dates: April 24th, May 1st, May 15th, 

Register for these upcoming dates in the Customer Portal.

Configuring the Orion Platform

SolarWinds Orion Platform 102 dives into advanced alerting and reporting with a product-neutral look at the tools and features available, including new web-based reports. We build custom alerts, look at object dependencies and custom properties, then create reports and integrate those reports into custom views. 

Upcoming Dates: April 25th, May 2nd, May 16th, 

Register for these upcoming dates in the Customer Portal.


SolarWinds Academy - Expert Series

Expert Series courses cover advanced product topics. If you are new to SRM, we recommend you start with the Professional Training Series first.

Creating Custom Reports in the Orion Platform (SAM, NPM, etc.) 

Join SolarWinds Head Geek Patrick Hubbard, Bill Fitzpatrick, Loop 1 CTO and Chris Klinedinst, Support Application Engineer for a deep dive on creating custom reports. They'll cover how to create custom reports, understanding data source differences, intermingling different data sets, the limitations of the advanced and basic selector in Report Writer, how to build custom reports using SWQL (SolarWinds Query Language), and best practice for building data sources.:

Access the webcast replay & show notes in the Customer Portal.

Orion Database Maintenance & Troubleshooting Orion Web Performance

Join SolarWinds Head Geek Patrick Hubbard and Support Geek Robert Stidman for a deep-dive how-to session on database maintenance and Orion performance. Patrick will cover best practices for database migration and backup. Robert will cover the common causes of and how to troubleshoot slow Orion web performance.

Access the webcast replay & show notes in the Customer Portal.

SNMP: A classic, powerful muscle car for the modern monitoring age

SNMP came on the scene almost 30 years ago, which is practically the stone age in computer time. However, rather than being "grandfatherly", it's more accurate to think of this robust protocol as "classic" in the same way we look at cars of the 60's and 70's: vehicles that, when maintained properly and handled by an experienced driver, can not only keep up with more recent inventions but can do so with elegance, efficiency, and style.

Join Solarwinds Head Geek Leon Adato and Support Application Engineer Kevin Twomey for technical deep dive, that will take you through specific use cases that feature tips, tricks, tweaks, and tune-ups for one of monitoring's workhorse protocols. This session will also cover how to troubleshoot Universal Device Poller issues.

Access the webcast replay & show notes in the Customer Portal.

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