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Thick NAS Volumes (by Capacity)

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 Updated March 17th, 2017 

When displayed on a summary dashboard, this resource provides a  lists of all thick NAS Volumes in the environment.
When displayed on a storage object details page, this resource provides a  lists of all thick NAS Volumes associated with the object.

A thick NAS volume has all of its capacity reserved and allocated when created.

For each volume, the volume status and name, storage pool status and name, total size, and file system used capacity is displayed. Used capacity is highlighted in yellow or red if the warning or critical threshold had been reached or exceeded.

Projected File Run Out shows the estimated time remaining before the volume runs out of space. Statistics are gathered from the last 3 months and are projected to a linear prediction that calculates the date when Run-Out will be reached.

Volumes can be sorted by any column.

You can search the list of volumes by entering any part of the LUN name in the search box.

Click Edit to:

  • Change the title and subtitle.
  • Specify the number of Volumes displayed.
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