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Storage Pool Details

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Updated March 14th, 2017

Status, hardware and software information for the selected storage pool.

Some vendors do not make all information available, therefore some fields may not be displayed.

Storage Pool Status

Status of the storage pool.
Name The name of this storage pool.
Array Status and name of array to which this storage pool is assigned.
Vendor Status Code The vendor status for this pool. This is vendor-specific so may be different to the status determined by SRM.

Storage Pool.

LUN Count Number of LUNs in storage pool.
Total Usable Capacity

The total physical capacity of the storage pool available for creating LUNs or metadata.

Total Subscribed Capacity The total capacity configured for LUNs that are subscribed from this pool.
Over-Subscribed Capacity The capacity configured for LUNs subscribed from this pool that exceeds the physical capacity. This is the difference between Total Subscribed Capacity and Total User Capacity.
Provisioned Capacity The amount of usable capacity consumed by all LUNs allocated from this pool. It may include the capacity reserved (not yet in use) for the LUNs if the array supports reservation.
Total reduction The savings achieved by using all space efficiency techniques. It includes pattern removal, de-dup, compression, thin provisioning.
Data reduction The savings achieved due to pattern removal, de-dup and compression for the data stored by host. This does not include savings related to thin provisioning.
Last Database Update The date and time when the information for this storage pool was last updated.
Projected Run-out Estimated time remaining before the NAS volume runs out of space. This projection is calculated using the last three months of statistics.

Click Manage to go to the Edit storage object properties page, where you can manage the name, custom properties and alerting thresholds for this pool.

Click Edit to change the title and subtitle.

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