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SRM 6.2 Release Notes

Created by Nigel, last modified by Nigel on Sep 12, 2017

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Welcome to SolarWinds Storage Resource Monitor (SRM) Version 6.2. SRM monitors storage arrays and helps with locating and resolving storage related issues. SRM supports multiple devices and vendors with minimal impact to the user environment.

Storage Resource Monitor 6.2 consists of Profiler and the SRM Orion Module. The SRM Orion Module is a separate installation and can be downloaded from your customer portal. The SRM Orion Module is a native-Orion module that allows you to monitor, report and receive alerts on your Storage Area Network (SAN) and Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices in a single window. The SRM Orion Module can be integrated with the Profiler Module sharing the same license and allowing both products to run together. For more information, see Introduction to Storage Resource Monitor and Integrating the SRM Orion module and the SRM Profiler Module.


New Features and Improvements

The Storage Resource Monitor 6.2 includes the following new features:
  • Added support for the following storage devices:
    • EMC Isilon
    • Note: SRM only supports Isilon OneFS version 7.1 or later
    • EMC VMAX3 Series (VMAX 100K/200K/400K devices)
    • Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) – Embedded and HDVM SMI-S Providers
    • HP StorageWorks XP – Embedded and CVAE SMI-S Providers
    • IBM SAN Volume Controller (SVC) / V3700 / V7xxx

  • Internal MDisks are now monitored for IBM SVC and are licensed based on physical disk count. For example, if you have three external MDisks, five internal MDisks, and ten physical disks, the SRM Profiler Module will count thirteen against your license which is three external MDisks + ten physical disks.
  • An article on the issue when STM or SRM Profiler using JRE v1.6 is failing to connect the provider with the TLS configuration has been created to resolve the issue - Assigning TLS Enabled SMI-S Arrays to a JRE Upgraded Agent .


Installing this Version

Warning: SolarWinds recommends that you complete the following tasks before implementing any changes:


Note: SRM/Orion Module version 6.2 is not backward compatible with STM (or SRM Profiler) version 6.1 and older. SRM Profiler needs to be upgraded to version 6.2 as well if SRM is upgraded to version 6.2.

New Installation
  • SolarWinds recommends that you do NOT install SRM Profiler on the same server as the SolarWinds Virtualization Manager or any SolarWinds Orion product (NPM, SAM, SRM Orion Module, etc...)
Integration with Virtualization Manager
  • You must install Virtualization Manager version 6.2 or higher.
Integration with Orion-based products
All Installation and Upgrades
  • Linux installations require the libaio library or the installation will fail. You can install the appropriate libaio package using the associated package manager for your distribution.
  • When using Windows 7 and 8, and Windows Server 2008 and 2012,(or Vista, for evaluations only), UAC must be disabled for the duration of the upgrade (until after the Configuration Wizard completes).
  • If you need a temporary license to install an instance of the software in a lab, download an evaluation copy of the latest software from the SolarWinds website. Evaluation copies come with a fully functional 30-day license. Test the change in a lab environment that mimics your production environment.


Licensing this Version of Storage Resource Monitor

There are two installers, one each for the SRM Orion Module (which installs Storage Resource Monitor) and the SRM Profiler Module (formerly, Storage Manager or STM). If you install the SRM Orion Module or the SRM Profiler Module, the license key in your customer portal will license the appropriate product version installed, the SRM Orion Module or the SRM Profiler Module.

If your license is currently applied to the SRM Orion Module and you wish to use the two products (SRM Profiler Module and SRM Orion Module) integrated with a single license, you must reclaim the license from the SRM Orion Module and apply it to the SRM Profiler Module. For more information, see Reclaiming your License from the SRM Orion Module.

If you are upgrading from SRM Orion Module 6.1, you can upgrade straight to Storage Resource Monitor 6.2.

For more information on licensing, see Applying your License.

Obtaining your Key
  1. Log in to your Customer Portal and select License Management.
  2. Navigate to Storage Resource Monitor v6.2 and locate the Activation Key.
  3. Take note of the activation key before you proceed. This is needed after the upgrade completes.
License Deactivation
  • If you are running SRM with a Backup Profiler Evaluation license key, contact SolarWinds support for assistance before upgrading.
  • If you are running SRM with a Storage Manager license, no deactivation is needed.
  • If you are running SRM with a Backup Profiler license key, prior to upgrading your SRM server, you must deactivate your existing Backup Profiler license.
    • If you want to upgrade to SRM 6.2 and still use Backup Profiler, SolarWinds recommends that you clone or migrate your current Backup Profiler install to a different server. After Backup Profiler is on a different server, deactivate the Backup Profiler license on the original server and then upgrade to SRM 6.2.
  • Perform the following steps to deactivate your Storage Profiler or Backup Profiler license:
    1. Click the Settings icon in the upper right corner of the Storage Manager Website.
    2. Click License Manager.
    3. Click Deactivate.

After the license has been deactivated, upgrade to SRM 6.2 and then apply your new license key.

To deactivate your license from the SRM Orion Module using license manager, see Deactivating your license from the SRM Orion Module using license manager.

License Enforcement

SRM enforces licensing during the upgrade. The installation aborts if any of the following conditions are detected:

  • Expired maintenance.
  • Number of monitored disk exceeds the maximum allowed licensed disk count.
  • Running Storage Manager with a Storage Profiler or Backup Profiler license.
Applying a License with no Internet Access
  • If your server does not have internet access, complete the offline and manual activation process. For more information, see the Activating your SRM Profiler Module section of Applying your License.


Licensing this Version of the SRM Orion Module

The SRM Orion Module uses the SolarWinds License Manager. This is a free utility that manages your SolarWinds Licenses. For complete instructions on licensing, see Licensing the SRM Orion Module.


Fixed Issues

Version 6.2
Customer case number
SRM Profiler freezes when accessing SAN Storage Group
NS 776398
Scheduled report setting issues
NS 786383
Error when viewing SAN tab in NetApp device
NS 804805
Performance query issues with Disk Performance stats report
NS 804895
Performance query issues with Disk Group Utilization report
NS 810775
Performance issues after upgrade from 6.0 to 6.1
NS 810648
STM ProcessFileUpload.jsp file upload remote code execution vulnerability
Web Console error when accessing storage object
NS 811538
SWIS error upon SRM installation
NS 808167
Java null exception error when opening the STM main console in Orion Web Console
NS 795729
SRM/Profiler + SRM/Orion
Integration with SRM 6.1 Orion Module does not work
NS 821580
CVE-201505371 vulnerability issues with SolarWinds Storage Manager
NS 833448
Error when viewing C-Mode vserver stats in SRM 6.1.11
NS 835126
Error retrieving data from SolarWinds IIS
NS 830778
ESX asset collection where the advancedDeviceThreadingEnabled flag is set to 2 instead of True
NS 808523


Open Issues

The following issues are either not fixed or are not fully investigated at this time.

Customer issue Support ID
Issues with sorting when percentages are involved N/A
Incorrect stats for fiber switch interfaces 408903
VMDK and Snapshot reports do not clean up old data 365816
Alerts firing off after removing thresholds from policies 423490
Agent info version does not change after a module update 471733
NetApp vFiler usage report does not work 476801
Error on Virtualization Dashboard Caused by Large Values 522270
SAN Topology reports are missing data 481852
Aggregate report error 555155
Gen 3 licenses will update automatically within 24 hours of a new license purchase N/A
Parser type gets reverted for IBM SVC devices when doing a default SMI-S policy push. For more information see this KB article N/A


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