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Raw Disk Capacity Summary

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Updated March 14th, 2017

Depending on the dashboard on which it is viewed, this resource displays a summary of raw capacity for all arrays in the storage environment, or for the selected array.

On the Storage Summary dashboard, this shows a graphic bar for each array in the storage environment. Click on an array name to display the Array Details page.

For individual arrays, data is displayed for the selected array.

Raw Capacity For individual arrays this is the total capacity of the array. This is the total used, spare and free capacity.
Spare The sum of capacity of all disks or extents that are reserved for the purpose of substitution in case allocated disk or extent failure.
Total Used Capacity / Used

The total amount of space on the storage system or selected array which has been assigned to be written by an end user or application.

For Flash-based arrays such as Pure and Xtreme IO, this will always be displayed as the same as Raw Capacity. You should refer to the Usable Capacity Summary to see the actual Used and Remaining capacities.

Total Free Capacity / Free / Remaining

The total free space is normally the same as raw capacity less the amount of total used capacity already written.

See above for Flash-based arrays.

Click Edit to customize the Raw Disk Capacity Summary resource. You can:

  • Change the title and subtitle of the resource.
  • Change the number of arrays displayed.
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