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LUN Details

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Updated March 14th, 2017

Presents information for the current LUN. The information displayed depends on the array manufacturer and model.


The status for the LUN.


The name assigned to this LUN.


The universally unique identifier for this LUN.

Cache Enabled

Only displayed if cache enabling is available for the array, and indicates whether LUN caching is enabled. This can be True or False.

Storage Pool

The status and name of the storage pool to which this LUN is assigned. Click on the name to open the Details page for the storage pool.


The status and name of the storage array to which this LUN is assigned. Click on the name to open the details page for this array.

Vendor Status Code

The LUN status code provided by vendor. This is vendor specific and may not be the same as the status reported by SRM.

Raid Configuration Type

The type of RAID configuration for the storage array to which this LUN belongs. For example, RAID-5, RAID-10.


The type of provisioning used. This can be Thin or Thick.

Host Masks

A list of hosts authorized to access this LUN is displayed.
Associated Endpoints If any endpoints are associated with this LUN, they are listed here.


The Host connectivity protocol, such as Fibre Channel or iCSI.

Read Only

Indicates whether the LUN is read-only. This can be True or False.


Indicates whether the LUN is mapped (available) to any hosts. This can be True or False.

Total Size

Total storage capacity available.

File System Used Capacity

The size of the file system that is running on top of the block-storage from the end consumer, if known.

Consumed Capacity

The total capacity consumed from the storage pool or underlying volume by this LUN.

Last Database Update

The date and time that the SRM database was last updated with information for this LUN.

Projected Run-out

Estimated time remaining before the LUN runs out of capacity. This projection is calculated using the last three months of statistics.

"Passed" is displayed if all capacity is consumed.

Click Manage to access the Edit storage object properties page, where you can edit  thresholds for this LUN.

Click Edit to change the title and subtitle of the resource.

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