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Create maps using Network Atlas

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Created by Nigel, last modified by Nigel on Mar 14, 2017

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The Orion Network Atlas is a powerful tool for creating custom maps and diagrams. The maps created in the Network Atlas enable SRM users to display a graphical depiction of their storage environment within the Web Console. You can create maps at any level from room plan to global map.

Options for your maps include:

  • A large set of predefined background colors, textures, and images. You can also provide your own custom background graphics.
  • Customize shape, size, color, and style of map links to illustrate the status of associated objects.
  • Map objects may be presented in a unique set of graphical styles to portray status.
  • Maps may be nested to reveal increasing levels of map detail, and the status of nested map child objects may be bubbled up to the parent map.

The Network Atlas application is pre-installed with all Orion Platform products.

View monitored objects on maps using Network Atlas

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08:56, 14 Mar 2017