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Performance impact of SRM

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Created by Caroline Juszczak, last modified by MindTouch on Jun 23, 2016

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Configuration and performance polls are roughly the same data size when considering a significant number of elements (500+) because both are retrieving information about each element in the hierarchy. The poll duration depends on the monitored environment size and network latency. The median should round to between two and five minutes.

Performance polls are a set of queries used for retrieving specific information about the array. For example, in 24 hours you can expect 100 polls of sequenced (single connection) querying windows lasting between two and five minutes each. This number can be lowered or increased based on individual polling interval settings.

If the SRM Profiler module and the SRM Orion module are integrated and both modules are monitoring the same storage device, the load will be doubled since both modules are using their own independent polling infrastructure. It is unlikely the device will be polled at the same time by both SRM modules.

SRM does not support the manual setting of execution sequences at a specified time, SRM automatically distributes the pools within the polling interval to allow load balancing of system resources.


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