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SRM and SRM Profiler licensing information

Updated February 19, 2018


Currently there is 1 license for SRM and SRM Profiler.

SRM license.PNG


Previously STM had its own license but this is not available anymore.


  • SRM 
  • SRM Profiler


  • Any legacy SRM Profiler customers have access to SRM Profiler and SRM.
  • STM is no longer sold as a product.


If customer applies the license to SRM and previously had SRM Profiler, the license shows in the SRM License Manager as:

srm license 2.PNG    

STM highlighted in blue means that the customer can have the license reset and then apply it to SRM Profiler through the License Activation key in SRM Profiler. 


This will then show the disks in SRM Profiler as:




Enabling the integration between SRM Profiler and SRM removes the SRM license in the Orion License Manager.


You will still see the following in the Orion licensing details:





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