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Activate license in SRM

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Updated: 4-17-2017


This article describes how to activate your SRM license for 6.4 and later. For earlier versions of SRM, you would use the License Manager application. For more information on web-based License Manager, see Web-based License Manager.

For SRM 6.4 and later, and any product on Orion Platform 2016.2 and later, never use the License Manager application. This application will cause issues with your licenses especially for additional polling engines, Solarwinds HA servers, and additional web servers.


  • SRM 6.4 and later
  • Orion Platform 2016.2 and later


SRM 6.4 and later does not use the Solarwinds License Manager tool.  It has its own internal licensor through the Orion Web Console.

You also only need to manage your licenses through the Orion server, or Primary Orion server in an HA environment. This License Manager pushes and activates licenses from the main polling engine to all servers in the Orion Platform.

  1. Go to the Web Console.
  2. Click Settings on the top right corner.
  3. Click License Manager.
  4. Click Enter Activation Key. When activating on an additional server, you may need to assign the key to those servers (additional polling engine, secondary server in HA, additional web server).
  5. The activation can take a few minutes to complete on the main server and to additional servers.
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