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Trap integration between Storage Manager and Orion

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Orion Trap Viewer can be used to monitor traps sent by Storage Manager Agents. The traps will be sent from the agent to the Orion server. To do this you must first modify the Default OS Policy in Storage Manager. This will be done via the Settings button settings.png  on the Storage Manager website. Once there click the Policies link under Device Management.  Next click the edit icon edit.png for Default OS Policy and select Communication on the next page. Click the Add Trap Destination bar and place the IP address of the Orion server there along with the port and Community string desired. Select the Override Agent Values option and click the Save Icon. Push your changes to the external Agents by clicking the Push button. This will force all of the Storage Manager agent to send all traps to the Orion Server.

Storage Manager Agents will not filter any traps being forwarded to a remote host. You will see a lot of traps being logged to the SolarWinds Orion Trap Viewer. Depending on the size of your database, trap retention settings, and SQL server specifications this could cause latency issues with Orion due to an expanding traps table in the Orion database.

To avoid excessive traps, the Orion Trap Viewer offers users the option to filter out unnecessary traps. This is done by building trap rules within the Orion Trap Viewer application. 

The following example show how to filter trap TEK-TOOLS-TRAPS:tek-tools.10090.0.10090





Find the trap you wish to filter against. Right click with your mouse in either Trap Type or Trap Details and select Add Rule. This will build a rule for that trap in trap viewer.







Review all the settings for the rule (General, DNS Hostname, Trap Details, etc.) verifying they are set to how you want the trap filtered. 












To keep the traps from getting logged to the Orion database, select the Alert Actions tab and add the actions Stop Processing Trap Rules and Discard Trap Message.







Finally make sure the rule is enabled by making sure there is a check mark in the Enabled box under the General tab. 



Restart the SolarWinds Trap service via the Orion Service Manager.


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